Alex’s Sweet Potato Summer Salad

*1 -2 large sweet potatoes – peeled, cubed and boiled until barely soft (just not mushy)
*Chopped veggies – whatever you have. We used peppers, sweet *and green onions, crunchy stuff is good with potatoes.

*Light mayo (about 1/3 cup depending on amount of potato)
*1/2 Fresh lime or lemon juice (I tried both – lemon is delish)
*Cayenne pepper (it gets spicy fast!!) maybe a 1/2 – 1 tsp.
*Pinch of cumin
*Little salt n pepper if desired

Mix it all up and chill – so so good!

Note: We only had a couple tablespoons of mayo left, so I used what was left plus some plain yogurt to make 1/3 cup. I also added some chicky chicken to the mix. ‘Twas delsih!


2 thoughts on “Alex’s Sweet Potato Summer Salad

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