Friday Things

1. We are currently (as you read this!) on Meeker’s birthday surprise trip that I told you guys about last week! Eeee, I can’t wait to show you guys pictures. I imagine we are having a blast right now.


2. This elephant head towel makes me the happiest person alive.



3. Speaking of being happy…I have a new nephew! Zachary Michael (Zaylee’s brother) was born last Friday and he is a doll baby. I want to just hold him and smell his sweet little head all day long.


4. Incidentally, those above two points make me want another baby so badly I can’t even stand it.


5. Look at all the BLEND stuff in my dining room. Looook at it.

veggie taco soup


6. I want these and this (even though I don’t like bananas) and these for A.


7. I’ve had this for breakfast a lot this week.



8. I just realized that I can tell you where Meeker’s super special birthday surprise trip is because this won’t post until we are already there. Readddy…? ASPEN! (where the beer flows like wine <— name that movie). Maybe we’re having lunch with Arnold Schwarzenegger (who apparently lives there sometimes) right this very second. Maybe that’s the real surprise. But probably not.

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