Tuesday Things

1. Have you had this frozen yogurt? It’s wonderful. It’s kind of tart and tangy and one-hundred-percent summery. Go get some.



2. Meeker did some magic on this website and got me switched over to bluehost – which means the commenting debacle should be all fixed! If you weren’t able to comment for the last 200 years (okay, couple of months) – you should be able to now. If not, take it up with @meeker32. The ball is in his court. (Also, if you would like your blog switched over – hit him up. He’s a nerdy genius.)


3. We’re building our new deck this weekend. The old one is torn all the way down. The new supplies will be delivered Friday. I.can.not.wait.


4. Thanks to all of your advice, this now happens daily. Sometimes twice. We sing a song that goes brusha, brusha, brusha…cha-cha-cha-cha-chaaaa-cha and have toothpaste that tastes like strawberries and bananas.



5. I forgot about pinterest for approximately two months, but upon my return, I found this and this.


6. Remember when I made my own crackers? I haven’t done it since then, but just found these and they are on the top of my list.


7. Last year I did a teensy little weekly series on this blog called Brownie Sunday. A reader recently emailed me and said that they couldn’t find the winning brownie, so…this is the winner (and the link to brownie B was broken, but it has been fixed)Happy brownie baking!


8. Lauren from Oatmeal after Spinning had this printed and sent to me. Um…amazing. I am seriously framing it and hanging it in my office. Then when I think I’m not capable of doing things, I’ll look at it and remember that is what I thought about BLEND everyday for six months. Thank you Lauren!! (and thank you Meeker for being a stand-in-frame)


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