Summer Love






In case you are ever in doubt of my obsession with summer…I’ll provide you with some pictures.

There’s been swimming. There’s been grilling. Corn on the cob. Nightime golf. The discovery of a wasps nest and a first sting for Adrienne (she braved it like a champ). Blueberries and watermelon. Naked babies, and lots of SPF 50.

And (hallelujah) there’s only more to come…

26 thoughts on “Summer Love

  1. awww…glad baby a braved her first bee sting like a champ. i bet the promise of bison meat was incentive to tough it out. haha.

  2. Love your summer photos, and it’s just the beginning! Oh poor baby A! How did you treat the bee sting?? That is one of my worst fears this summer: that my 4-month old baby girl might get stung. (Although I know that it’s very unlikely.)

    • We actually didn’t do anything. Just hugged her and told her she was okay. I’m glad it was only one sting…she stumbled into a whole nest of them. Eeep!

  3. Watermelon bowls filled with blueberries? Oh I miss summer! I’m wishing I never left Louisiana to come back to Australia, it is FREEZING here – and it doesn’t stop raining!

    Adrienne is the cutest thing! I love her swimsuit! Hopefully the sting didn’t hurt her too much, she’s beat me – I’ve luckily avoided all insects of the stinging variety 😛

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