Tuesday Things

1. I don’t like air conditioning, it makes me cold during the summer which – as far as I’m concerned – is the opposite of what summer is all about. The exception to this is when I’m in the car on a particularly hot day…I like to have the windows down AND the air conditioning on. It’s the ultimate.


2. I finished my curtains! Sure it’s a two months after my self-imposed deadline, the important thing is that I stinking.made.curtains. I hung them all by myself, too – which was tricky because I had to power-drill the rods into the wall a foot higher than their original position. I’m the most proud.




3. We’re housesitting at this house again this week. Life is good.


4.  My heart swells to maximum capacity when I watch this video and this video.


5. I’m finally on instagram. On Meeker’s tablet. Which means I can’t really take pictures when he’s at work all day, but you can count on some rocking instagrams between the hours of 5am – 8am and again from 6pm – 10pm. Sheesh, I need some technology of my own.

48 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. Love the curtains!! Want to come make some for me?! ha! And I loved the pool picture yesterday on Instagram with Adrienne in your lap! Adorable. Although she and her best friend, Punky, about look pretty darn cute! 🙂

  2. #1…YES! I love the feeling of walking out of an over air-conditioned store in the summer into the blast of heat outside. I miss living in Florida mostly for that feeling. And I totally drive with the windows down and AC on too 🙂

  3. Will loved the videos! He cried when they were over. Wish we could have a play date…

    Your curtains are fabulous and I’m super impressed that you hung them yourself. I’m not to be trusted with a drill 🙂

    • I actually don’t really have a need…I’m at home almost all day, and we have at least 4 computers here – the ONLY reason I’d want one is instagram. Hah.

  4. YAAAAAAY! So glad you’re on Instagram! Just another way to get a little Unger Family in my life day to day 🙂

    Your curtains are so good friend! I would definitely be proud of myself if I created (and hung) those too!

  5. Those are some awesome curtains – can you come help me make curtains? 😉 Oh, and I love AC!!

  6. I love the curtains! And good job hanging them by yourself! That is seriously something to feel accomplished about. You inspire me.

  7. Oh I hate having the AC so cold in the summer! I feel the cold, always, so whenever the AC is on in the house I find myself having to put on a sweater. It’s insane and feels so wrong – it’s summer! I like feeling at least some heat – that or i’ll just walk outside and back in the AC over the day 😛

    Your curtains are so cute and cheerful looking (is that odd that I find them cheerful? haha)

  8. Love the curtains!! It is amazing you made them. They look incredible in there! I don’t like air conditioning either. I freeze in the summertime b/c I like wearing dresses and fun summer stuff, but when you go into air conditioning it is freezing!! 🙂

    • You’d be singing a different tune if you saw how raggady the stitching really is. I keep telling people who come over….don’t look too closely!!

  9. I am definitely with you on the A/C! I live in Wisconsin and find it crazy that anyone wants to cover up the hot weather we wait for 7 months out of the year. Your curtains look beautiful, by the way. 🙂

  10. I LOVE your curtains! Actually, I love that whole room. It just flows together in a bright, comfortable way. I think you should come to my house and give me some help. Ha, ha!! 🙂 I’m not exactly talented when it comes to home decor.

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