Edible Visit

Guess who Adrienne and I visited yesterday??


I’ll give you some hints.


This is one of her sweet doggies (looking forlorn because her mama wouldn’t allow her to give A any more kisses on the mouth)…


All of her incredible photos are taken on this (deceivingly small) scrap of countertop…


(I swear my photos turned out better just by being in her presence)


This is the blueberry pecan cornbread she made for us…


This is the salad spread she prepared for us and that is the face Adrienne made when she tasted it…



Give up? Here she is in action…


And here she is mid-sentence because she didn’t know I was taking her photo…


(Ashley, I didn’t get one proper photo of you…what the heck?! I need to come back and remedy that.)

We had the most tremendous afternoon. Eating, chatting, walking, playing at the playground – plus she took some photos of A and I having fun that I will treasure forever. She is so talented and funny and welcoming – now that I know where she leaves, she should probably lock her doors and hide out in the back-room…I plan to be her frequent friend whether she wants me there or not.

Thank you Ashley! (Obviously, the photos of Adrienne and I belong to her…I stole them from this post. She’s so talented.)

27 thoughts on “Edible Visit

  1. YAY! What a fun afternoon! I just went and looked at all the pictures Ashley took! Amazing! There are some really great shots of you and Adrienne. I love it! 🙂

  2. All three of you are so beautiful and smiley! The photos of you and Adrienne are so gorgeous! Side note: I also love your earrings. They look old-fashioned, and you wear gold so beautifully! All of my hand-me-down jewelry from my mom and grandmothers is gold, but it looks not great on me:)

    • Thank you – I do have a lot of OLD gold jewelry that I love, so I try to throw some new stuff in there, too. Glad it’s working out. 🙂

  3. saw really lovely pictures of you and Baby A. Ashley wonderfully captured the true essence of Mother-daughter love! makes my heart melt!

    so much fun!!! (:

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