Posted in November 2011

Baby Led Weaning, part ii

Fascinating. It’s probably (almost certainly) because she’s my child, but I tell you…I could watch this girl eat all  day long. She has learned how to eat so efficiently in just a few weeks. She’s obviously some kind of genius. Since my last BLW post… Her latest favorite food is hummus. The Sabra kind with … Continue reading

Breakfast Cookies

Anytime the worlds of desserts and breakfasts collide, I’m happy. Like, really happy. It’s a rare day when I eat something savory for breakfast. Eggs happen only a couple of times a year. Breakfast burritos make me want to go back to bed. And potatoes are a lot of work at 6am. So I stick … Continue reading

Roasted Vegetables and Lentils

I feel the same way about roasted vegetables that a lot of bloggers feel about oatmeal. I eat them I never ever get sick of them. There are endless combinations. Endless mix-ins. Endless possibilities. I usually roast a big batch on the weekend and then have them in my fridge for easy meal options. … Continue reading

Dry Soda Review

I was a little hesitant when Dry Soda sent me an email offering to send me some products to review. I told them…I’ll try it, but (aside from the occasional diet coke) I don’t really drink pop. And then I tried one, and thought if this is pop, I’m in. These little bottle are full … Continue reading


So thankful… For my family. For my ability to run before I chowed down today. For coffee with whip cream in it. For the retro apron my Nonnie made in the 1940s and passed down to me to wear today. For my house. For my nieces reading Adrienne naptime stories. For YOU. Happy Thanksgiving!

Butterscotch Toffee Saltines

This is the easiest recipe. I made them for a church thing last week – and people were practically on their knees begging for the recipe. But I have a secret. Shhhh…it was sort of an accident. I used to make these chocolaty saltines when I was a little girl (because they’re so dang easy!) … Continue reading

Lessons from Behind a Jogging Stroller

1. You’re going to run slower. Get over it. Think of it as running + resistance training.   2. Running with one hand pushing the stroller is easier than running with two hands pushing the stroller. As long as the road is straight and flat.   4. If you are running up over a curb … Continue reading

Wild Rice Chicken Salad

Oookaaay. That candy cake last week got the best of me. It kept calling my name, and calling my name until it was all gone. And I was left with a stomach ache. Kind of like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. (I think that’s the second time I’ve referenced that book on this blog. I like … Continue reading

Coconut Flour Waffles

Adrienne and I went to the track this morning and ran 800s. It was twenty degrees outside. All I could think about was coming home, eating waffles, and drinking coffee out of my Holly Golightly mug. Actually, if I’m honest, I was thinking about those things when I went to bed last night. But it … Continue reading