Posted in August 2011

Stay at Home Decision

We made it to the pool today! After A’s morning nap – we hightailed it to the pool where we swam splashed and played for a couple of hours. After our walk back home, I was hot and the only thing on my mind was a salad: lettuce, spinach, avocado, edamame, peanuts, cucumber and almond … Continue reading

Pizza Bread

I wanted to go to the pool today. So did Little Miss. But then it was naptime. And then it was lunchtime. And then naptime again. And then I made this pizza swirl bread. And then it was cloudy and rainy. So, A and I went to Target instead of the pool. I got a … Continue reading

One Hour Oats

I’m happy to report that I had a much better workout this morning. Sixty-five degrees and sunrises agree with my running shoes. When I got home, I wanted overnight oats. But I lacked the foresight for that last night, so I had to go with one hour oats instead. In the blender: 1/2 cup oats … Continue reading


I hate running in the middle of the day. On a black track. Pushing a stroller. In August. 6am, see you tomorrow. No more of this noon running business.

Zucchini Pancakes

Ever since I posted that picture of my baby-sized-zucchini, readers have been sending me zucchini recipes to try out (thank you!!). But if you remember, I have this thing with pancakes – I can’t just stop at a good recipe. I have this overwhelming urge to change things. So, change I did. And came up … Continue reading

Babycakes Friday: Babyberry

Another peach recipe. Because peaches are gorgeous. Plus, I refuse to believe that summer is coming to an end, and I’m soaking up all sorts of summer things. Like Peaches. And pinkberry babyberry frozen yogurt. Soy yogurt, of course. We’ve gotta keep this vegan. And by we, I mean Babycakes. Like that peach milkshake I … Continue reading


Happy Friday! Yes, I still have a dog. I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked about her – but she is being well taken care of, I assure you. In fact, this picture was just taken after she dragged me around the neighborhoods on a run this morning. Adrienne stayed at home with … Continue reading

Tortilla Soup

I’ve posted about this before, but when Meeker and I were first married – I pretty much thought Rachael Ray’s 30-minute meal cookbook was the only thing I’d ever need. I made this soup weekly. While I don’t really love making a hot soup in the middle (end?) of August – Meeker requested it this … Continue reading

Easy Stir Fry

First of all, I somehow got nominated for Denver’s Best Lifestyle Blogger. I would love, love, love it if you voted for me. It will only take you one click. One second. Pretty please? (Oh and you can vote every day…so, you should do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and every day until … Continue reading

Crossfit and Cereal

Good Morning! I started mine off with the crossfit workout of the day. (except I didn’t do 185lbs, I only did 100lbs. I’m just not that strong.) I workout in our garage while listening to the baby monitor. I used to listen to music, but now I listen for baby A to wake up. (Also, … Continue reading