Posted in May 2011

Back on Track

Luckily, Adrienne seems to have gotten back on her semi-schedule…which means she’s only eating every 2.5 – 3 hours. Which gave me time to get off the couch and out of the house. We went for a nice long walk today, made a dinner menu for the week, made a trip to the grocery store, … Continue reading

She get it from her mama.

I’d like to tell you that I’ve been out enjoying this lovely, sunny Memorial Day weekend. (Okay, well I did get to do that yesterday.) But for almost the last 12 hours, baby girl has been on a feeding frenzy. She’s demanding to eat every.single.hour. And since she eats for about 30 minutes at a … Continue reading

Sunday Picnic

The weather was finally cooperative for us today! No rain, no clouds. Just a slight breeze and 70* temperatures. You can’t get better weather for a church picnic! Turkey sandwiches, pineapple, cantaloupe, and some veggies – cucumbers hidden on the bottom. There is something so summery about eating shelled peanuts…I think it reminds me of … Continue reading

Babycakes Friday

I got this cookbook from Babycakes Bakery as a gift at one of Adrienne’s baby showers. That was five days ago, and I’ve read the entire thing – cover to cover. I’m obsessed. The first recipe I decided to tackle was zuchinni muffins. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Sugar-Free. Incredible. Usually when I get a good cookbook, I … Continue reading

3 Square Meals

I got four consecutive hours of sleep last night. Plus a few more hours spread sporadically throughout the night. It was glorious. I feel like a brand new (refreshed) Mama today. Breakfast a pear and some toast made under the broiler Lunch A Hugh Jass salad – spinach, corn (raw and cut off the cob), bean … Continue reading

Little Girls

It was chilly, but it didn’t rain today! Which means, we actually got outside and did things. It felt so good. Breakfast the bagel was toasted and had almond butter and honey Lunch Same sandwich as yesterday. I think the reason I’ve been opting for sandwiches lately is because they’re a good one-handed-food. Sandwich in … Continue reading

Rainy Day

So much rain today. The good news is that everything is starting to look mighty green. But the bad news is that there is so much rain. Breakfast This was the only chance I got to step outside today without getting drenched…I think it was about 6:30am. Adrienne woke up bright and early today. Like … Continue reading

Mellow Monday

We had such a nice ease into the week today. It started and ended with nice long walks. The space between was filled with eating, napping, and watching a giant thunderstorm roll across the Rocky Mountains. Have I mentioned that I love my new life? Breakfast toasted banana bread with almond butter and fruit plus … Continue reading

The Veg

For about a month, we’ve been growing vegetables in pots on our dining room table. Yesterday (with hopes that Colorado has seen its last freeze!) – we moved them out onto the deck. Zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, chives, tomatoes, carrots, eggplant Some of them look pretty measly, but I have high hopes. Especially since … Continue reading

Party Girl

Adrienne had her first party today! My oldest and dearest friends threw a little bash for my sweet babycakes. There was food… spinach quiche Baked blueberry French toast (I’ll try to get the recipe from my friend!) mimosas with grapefruit juice and a raspberry Caprese salad Cake pops! And lots of books for little Adrienne … Continue reading