It was $0.31 night at Baskin Robbins! Thirty-one cents per scoop of ice cream. You can’t beat that. I got my favorite – mint chocolate chip.

Meeker got bubble-gum flavored ice cream like a 5 year old.

This is not nearly as good as I remember.

The offer is good until 10pm – go get some!


26 thoughts on “$0.31

  1. I really think babycakes is going to arrive tomorrow. I predicted this a while ago and I still think it’s true. I’ve never been wrong before. I’ve also never been right since this is my first time guessing. Don’t give me a losing record.

  2. YAY!! We got Froyo tonight too and it was like the best thing in the world. Also, mint chip is amazing, I absolutely love it and it’s usually my choice of ice cream as well (of course).

  3. Katie – I am finally commenting on your blog! I have been meaning to tell you for the longest time that you are the cutest preggo girl I have ever seen. I can’t belive you are about to pop and you still look so amazing! I hope I am so lucky (still have 9 weeks to go though…)
    Good luck with everything htese next few days – can’t wait to see pictures of your adorable little one!!!!!!!!!

  4. I used to get the bubble gum flavor and spit out all the pieces of bubble gum and save them until I was finished with the ice cream. The I would eat the bubble gum. And Meeker is right… not nearly as good as it seemed when I was 5!!

  5. haha bubblegum…i did think only the kiddos got that flavor…I guess not…It always creeped me out that iw as so bright pink but i bet its darn tasty! Im a mint chocolate chip or butter pecan kinda gal!

  6. I’ve been stalking you for a bit. I have a 3rd grader at home and they are the most interesting weebles you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Good luck girl!

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