…like a pig.

In writing class today, my 3rd graders learned about similes and metaphors. They wanted example after example of these concepts, and for some reason, all of my illustrations had to do with food. The simile that made them howl with laughter was the one that rang true for me today…

Mrs. Unger eats like a pig.

Pre-workout breakfast: juice and a slice of toast.

Post-workout breakfast:

Cookie dough smoothie

I was a sleepy sloth this morning, so I decided to have some real coffee when I got to work. My first cup of caffeinated coffee in 10 months.

Mistake. This left me as jittery as a coke addict. I think I’ll have to ease myself back into caffeine after Baby Cakes arrives.

Mid-morning snack: apple and almonds

Lunch #1

apple + tortilla with peanut butter and spinach – don’t knock it until you try it.

Lunch #2

Spread on a toasted ww bagel

Plus some fruity goodness…

I just walked in the door from school, and so far I’ve hoovered a leftover spring roll, a bowl of grape nuts, and I’m sure there is more snacking to be done tonight. I’m still as hungry as a bear.

I’ve lost my will to cook, but definitely not my will to eat.

In the 3rd grade world…

Because my departure from school is impending, and I’ll most likely miss the spring concert, my kiddos begged the music teacher to accompany them as they sang their end of year song to me today.

So, they serenaded me with Fireflies – and I bawled like a baby.

Sure, it was probably hormone induced, but I was a wreck just thinking about leaving my little nine-year-old-nuggets for the year. Any day could be my last day… and that is kind of exciting, and kind of heartbreaking.


28 thoughts on “…like a pig.

  1. So cute how your students sang for you! It can be a touching song too – so on top of your hormones, I can clearly see why you might shed a tear!

    So exciting that babycakes may arrive any day now!!

  2. Crying is for sissys… But I’m glad they like you and hope that babycakes comes about a month late so I can be there, but I know that won’t happen so… good luck and can’t wait to meet her.

    Soon to be double uncle Deeds,


  3. awwh you poor sweet thing!! emotions, emotions…
    i bet it was just precious hearing them sing, our church youth put on a Christmas play last year and their silent night had the same effect on me! there is something moving about children’s soft sweet voices harmonizing. we’re hopeless sentimentals, aren’t we?? lol. Glad you had a nice day, take care to rehydrate after all those tears 😉

  4. honestly, thats not much food at all! I eat way more on a normal day than on your “pig” day. So excited for you and babycakes! Each day I check your blog waiting for you to have a picture of her 🙂

  5. Haha, if that kid is a boy someone needs to talk to him about how to speak to women before he gets to the marryin age 😉
    Sorry for the baby misunderstanding this morning. I’m kind of cracked out today!

  6. Sooo many similes and metaphors in this post. You are like a machine that creates similes and metaphors… dang it, bad one. Also, you are silently sleeping next to me like a small swan. Alliterations should be next post.

  7. Fireflies must be a popular song to sing in the elementary school world this year. One of our elementary’s school’s chorus sang it this year and I loved it.

  8. I’m so on edge waiting to hear the big news!! I hope you can still post somewhat often as I am *dying* to hear how your life will change once Baby Cakes arrives. 🙂

    Love the simile at the beginning and I think you have some very healthy food choices – your little girl will have cravings for spinach before you know it!

  9. Oh caffeine, how I miss you. Been over a year for me, but we will be reunited very very soon. 🙂

    Love nut butter with spinach. Totally would have knocked that combo a few years ago.

    I know you’ll miss your nine year old nuggets dearly, but I think your own little nugget will make up for it. 🙂

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