Mid Week Break

We had the day off school because it’s the 12th anniversary of the Columbine Tragedy. Appropriately, Colorado’s weather cloudy and somber. However, Meeker and I bundled up and headed to the Rockies game.

I hadn’t been to a game since last summer, and despite the chilly temps, baseball games mean warm weather is around the corner.

I got hungry around the 3rd inning and dug in my bag for a snack.

I emerged victorious! This held me over, while my bear of a husband wolfed down baseball food fare.

Around the 8th inning, I had to talk a walk (Baby Cakes was kicking me in the ribs) – and I happened upon some kettle corn.

Happy mama – the Rockies beat the Giants 10-2! (Also, I don’t know how people were wearing t-shirts, I was in a sweatshirt and my ski coat and was cooold!)

Tomorrow it’s back the 3rd grade world…but we’re on the downhill side of the week. I could really get used to working 4 days a week.


18 thoughts on “Mid Week Break

  1. So jealous. I definitely could have gone for a mid-week break myself.

    And I LOOOOOVE kettlecorn. It’s my absolute favorite snack 🙂

    Also, that picture of you is so cute. It makes me just want to give you a big hug.

    Happy downhill side of the week!!

  2. I lived about 10 minutes from Columbine when that happened. Some kids from my church were going to school there at the time. Such a sad thing. But lucky for you to get the day off!

  3. I love bringing my own food to baseball games! Usually, the boy will get his typical hot dog, fires, pretzels.. etc.. and I will pack a sandwich and some fruit in my bad to nosh on!

  4. My family has a few friends who were at the high school at the time. I will never forget that day… I am sure you remember it pretty vividly just like a lot of Coloradans! I wish I would have known you were going to the Rockies game yesterday! I would have taken my Dad up on the offer! Hope the rest of your week is great 🙂

  5. I remember being nine when Columbine happened. I was always a pretty studious, mature kid, so my parents let me read the Time magazine and Philly Inquirer articles about it. A few years later I read Rachel’s Tears, one of the victims’ journals. Such a sad event 😦

    • I’ve also read Rachel’s Tears…one of my co-workers was friends with Rachel Scott, the girl who wrote it.

      I’m so impressed that your parents let you read the real stories! We (very briefly) discussed the Columbine incident in class, and my students are 9, and I heaps of angry parents that were upset about me just saying the words “gun” in school…I love your parents approach, I wish more parents were realistic and honest with their kiddos like that!

  6. That game looks like so much fun! And the kettle corn looks delish. 🙂 Every time my dad and I go to a ball game, we always get Cracker Jacks. He used to sing “take me out to the ball game” to my brother and me as our lulliby.

  7. I can’t believe it’s been so long since Columbine. I remember it vividly; it was about a year after I graduated high school and just sat in disbelief that was happening. So sad.

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