Posted in March 2011

Lovely Blog Award

Dana @ My Little Celebration sweetly gave me the One Lovely Blog award last week (thanks so much, Dana!) – and because I’ve pretty much eaten the same thing for 4 days in a row, I thought this would be a nice little break in my daily eats routine. Without further ado, 7 things you … Continue reading

We like pop.

Happy Wednesday! grape nuts, shredded wheat, and raspberries Isn’t that the cheeriest bowl of cereal? I thought so – and it tasted like a bowl of sunshine, too. My lunch was the same thing it’s been each day since Monday. And it tastes good every time. ww bagel toasted with mustard, spinach, and cucumbers I … Continue reading

Let’s go bowling.

Thanks for all of your sleeping suggestions! It looks like I need to get myself some sort of pregnancy pillow to snuggle with until my little bundle of joy arrives. I didn’t even know such a thing existed until last night! The good news is that I slept soundly (with a few bathroom trips) until … Continue reading

Nonnie Knows Best

I’ve got to figure out how to sleep at night. I had another 2:30am workout last night because I couldn’t sleep…blech. At least I got it out of the way, right? (Any mamas out there have tips on sleeping through the night when you have a 5lb. squiggly basketball attached to your belly?) Breakfast Grape … Continue reading

Brownie Sunday, round IV

Operation BTB was in full swing this afternoon. First up: Classic Bittersweet Brownies – a recipe from a cookbook I have called Bittersweet. Cooling in an ice bath The results (out of 5 points): Taste 3 Texture 4 Chocolaty-ness 2 Meeker’s first impression (based upon looks) was that it was dense. So he dropped it … Continue reading

Comfort Cakes

It was a morning for comfort food. In the form of cake. Well, pancakes. I have a healthy vegan, gluten-free version of these pancakes – but this morning I went the traditional route. Sometimes life calls for milk, butter, and eggs. And after the sink is clear of dishes – I plan to make brownies. … Continue reading

Smooth Solution

I haven’t been in the mood to eat lately. When I was younger and this happened, my mom’s solution always came in the form of a smoothie. So this morning, I listened to my mama’s advice, and packed the blender with: 4-5 strawberries 1 kiwi 1 frozen banana 3 handfuls of oats 1.5 cups coconut … Continue reading

Easy Pizza

For dinner tonight, I made Jenna’s Pear Gorgonzola Flatbread with Balsamic Drizzle. It sounds complicated, but it really couldn’t have been easier. I used this crust recipe. Then layered on the mozzarella, pear, and balsamic drizzle. (I had to leave off the gorgonzola on account of being pregnant) I probably could have made a salad … Continue reading

Brownie Monday

Look who is feeling better! In the kitchen, baking, and loving Day 1 of my spring break. I promise, that big belly underneath the apron isn’t all from chocolate consumption. In fact, I’m not so sure Baby Cakes even likes chocolate – my craving for it has been non-existent since month 3 of this pregnancy. … Continue reading

Which Wich

Ever been to Which Wich? A sandwich place where you can customize all the goodies that you want between two pieces of bread. Kind of like Subway – but with better options. This afternoon, we went with Meek’s grandma and grandpa – who, before this visit, I had only ever seen at our wedding and … Continue reading