Posted in June 2010

I have a lot of red dishes.

Hello lovies! First, I want to say thank you for all your congrats on my speedy run! I was so excited about it, and all of your comments added fuel to the enjoyment of my accomplishment. You are all so great. Stay tuned tomorrow for my newest athletic challenge… I also loved hearing about the … Continue reading

Beautiful Food

Sometimes my food is weird. Sometimes my food is delicious. Sometimes it’s ugly. Today, it was beautiful… I think fruit is always gorgeous. Especially in the morning sunlight. Today’s fruit mix was apple, banana, mango, blackberry, coconut, walnuts, almonds and cinnamon with vanilla soy milk. It was beautiful and the taste did not disappoint either. … Continue reading

Just do it.

I DID IT!!!! Remember when I set the seriously lofty goal of running 2 miles/sub 14:00 minutes? Well, my friends, today was the day. In all honestly, I could have probably done it a month ago (thanks to Deane’s training program he wrote for me!) – but I was held back by FEAR. For the … Continue reading

Fruity Morning

Good Morning! Let’s start it off with some fruit cereal and coffee. Fruit cereal is one of my favorite things on Earth – there are endless combinations, and they are all delicious. Kind of like a Starbucks menu. This morning’s mix: apple, blackberries, mango, walnuts, flax seed + vanilla soy milk And I again wanted … Continue reading

Onward and Upward

Good Morning! I can’t tell you all how much I appreciated your comments and emails about losing my kitty yesterday! I was overwhelmed by your kindness – thank you, thank you, thank you. I was pretty gloomy yesterday, but I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and ready to move onward and upward. I started with … Continue reading

2 Breakfasts, Lunch, a Wedding and a Funeral

Happy weekend! It’ cloudy and cool here, but I’m not really minding it. Yesterday was FULL to the brim, so it’s a nice excuse to lay low today. I started early with a small breakfast… Watermelon, trail mix, coffee Almonds, walnuts, coconut, dried cranberries Then I took Punky for a nice long walk, then went … Continue reading

Hair cut, dancing, and dinner fun

You all are too nice…your hilariously kind comments had me smiling and laughing all afternoon. Gracias for that. As for the hair cut, it was minimal. Before and after. I don’t know why the pictures turned out so gosh darn blurry. Dirty mirror? Oh well, you get the idea. It’s kind of hard to tell … Continue reading


The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of fun! I left you all of with breakfast yesterday, then immediately went to spin class, went shopping, and then to a bachelorette party! This morning, I woke up early to clean my casa and then had Bible study in my formal living room (which I’m not … Continue reading

Breakfast Parfait

Good morning! I feel like I’ve been in a bit of breakfast rut, so I pulled out all the stops this morning. Chia seed pudding + banana soft serve parfait and coffee I was inspired by my last chia seed success to make this: ¼ cup walnuts, soaked in water and drained ¼ cup soy … Continue reading


After spending the morning at the gym, and the afternoon at the pool, I came home to make spring rolls for dinner! The first go-around with the rice paper was a major fail. The directions said to soak the rice paper wrappers TOGETHER to in boiling water for 15 minutes. Overkill. I checked on the … Continue reading