Posted in April 2010

18 Days

Friday, Friday, Friday!! Made even sweeter by the fact that I took the day off work! My cousin is speaking to a high school in Colorado Springs on behalf of Rachel’s Challenge, and my whole family is going, so I knew I would feel left out if I didn’t make it down there. I still … Continue reading


(I could not think of a title today. I just sat there for 15 minutes, staring at the title space with a blank stare on my face.) Wheee! Today was much more relaxed. I woke up determined to make it so, and it was. I liked it. I still woke up early, but went for … Continue reading

28 Hours

I need 28 hours in a day. 24 just aren’t cutting it. I feel like I’ve been rushed since 4:30am. Here’s a little bit of how it went: 4:30 Wake up early…ugh, I hate working out, I don’t want to do it. 4:45 Just get out of bed, you’ll be glad you did 5:00 chug … Continue reading

Zippity Doo Da

Whew! I feel like I’ve had about 30 seconds to myself today. I started this morning with level 2 of the 30 day shred. Halfway through I had to put down my weights to take a picture of the incredible sunrise happening outside my window. After shredding, I showered, made an easy breakfast and headed … Continue reading

Birthday Weekend

Thank you all for the sweet comments and birthday wishes for Meeker! You’ll be happy to know, the fried chicken was a success. Turns out, it’s pretty straight forward…chicken, dip in flour, dip in egg, dip in flour, drop in hot oil. That’s it folks. I served it with green beans and mashed cauliflower. Meeker … Continue reading

The Joys of Springtime

Tornado yesterday, blizzard today. We actually had an early dismissal because the snow was so crazy. Our major interstate was closed, and the entire district shut down. Ah, the joys of springtime. The fantastic news is that it’s 3:17pm on a Friday, and I’m already home, all snuggled under a blanket. The better news is … Continue reading


Crazy weather here today. I started out with a nice long walk in the rain – Punky was lovin’ it. Then I came home to dry off and inhale this protein packed bowl of savory goodness. 1 egg + 2 egg whites with edamame, peas, hot sauce I snacked on a crispy gala mid-morning. (Very … Continue reading

A Lost Tooth

I started the day with a nice 3.5 mile run, and left the house feeling great, however, the rest of the day, I felt completely zapped of energy. I wanted to crawl into bed at 6:30 when I got home, but instead I went for a walk – which seemed to help a bit. I’ll … Continue reading

Cheese and Bananas

Today was yummmmy. So yummy. Let me start off by saying that I claim to hate cheese (just like I claim to hate bananas) – but in reality I eat both foods fairly regularly. I don’t love either on their own, but mixed among delicious things…I’ll gladly indulge. This was lettuce with tuna salad: canned … Continue reading

Creamy and Dreamy

Good morning all! I started by day with that speed workout that I’m hooked on, and then came home for an outstanding yogurt mess. Fage Greek Yogurt (my favorite), ½ vegan energy bar, ½ date muffin, coconut butter, carob chips and cinnamon It seriously tasted like a creamy, delicious dessert. I love. Now I’m off … Continue reading