Posted in February 2010

Babies and Missing Hunger

The baby shower was a success! Before the guests started to arrive, I had a very thick green monster for lunch, and to prevent myself from snacking the afternoon away. ½ avocado ½ mango Baby carrots Spinach cucumber Applesauce Vanilla soy milk Water It was super filling, and I actually didn’t eat any of the … Continue reading

Saturday Joys

Oooooweee I’m glad we made it to Saturday!! I’m celebrating with oats in a jar. 1/3 cup oats 2/3 cup water Handful of pumpkin flax granola (bulk bin buy) Handful of trailmix 1 spoonful plain yogurt …and coffee As far as I’m concerned, Saturday mornings were made for two things: long runs and drinking coffee. … Continue reading

Blueberry ‘Stache

I started this morning with the best green monster I’ve ever had. I just keep adding liquid or fruit until I get the consistency that I like. This was so dang good and it kept me full for FIVE hours. That never happens, folks. Vanilla soy milk Frozen raspberries Frozen banana Vanilla protein powder Lotsa … Continue reading

You’ll have to go to Jubilee

My morning was rushed because I was creating breakfast and dinner at the same time – I hardly ever crave things for breakfast, but this morning, my tummy was begging for oatmeal. ½ cup oats (cooked in water), 1 cumbled oatie, pumpkin flax granola, almond butter, 2-3 tbs. vanilla soy milk So dang good. Exactly what … Continue reading

What was I thinking?

Love that morning sunlight! My breakfast was disgusting – so I’m not even dignifying it with a picture. For some reason, my sleepy tastebuds thought it would be a good idea to put eggs and salsa on top of a pancake. Yeah, what was I thinking? It was gross – as I’m sure anyone of … Continue reading

Switch it Up

Hello and Happy Monday! I tried something new this morning and didn’t work out before school. Gasp! This really is a big deal for me, as I’ve been compulsively exercising before school/work for 8 years – it’s just how I wake up. But this morning, I was exhausted, and instead of pushing myself to do … Continue reading

The Air Smells Like Cows

Whenever the air smells like cows in Colorado, a storm is brewing. The air blows from Greely, CO – where the cattle are kept, and it permeates the whole state. It’s like our own weather warning system. While we get ready for snow, you get ready for a veggie fest… I loved everything about my … Continue reading

Here’s to Thursday!

Sorry for the grump fest last night. It was just one of those days. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to kick off a new day. After level 3 of the 30 day shred, and a bowl of dessert for breakfast (oats, cocoa powder, cinnamon squares, walnuts, a crumbled oatie, almond butter), I’m ready … Continue reading

Flush the Ice

Breakfast(s) Egg whites, spinach, salsa Hot water and banana bread Lunch(s) Baby Carrots and hummus Leftover pasta Cabbage/broccoli slaw Snack(s) Dinner (just one, so far) Yogurt Mess – plain yogurt, applesauce, walnuts, an Oatie, cinnamon squares, almond butter I woke up with no patience today – and my students pushed me beyond my limits. Teaching … Continue reading

I ate too many sweets today

I started the day with a walk, some pilates and coffee in an old Starbucks cup, Cait style. The rate at which we go through jars of peanut butter in this house is kind of astounding. Meeker and I both eat a couple of tablespoons a day – which leads to a lot of empty … Continue reading