Posted in December 2009

Highlights of December 31st

Happy New Year’s Eve! My day was filled with laziness – and I tried to fully embrace it. I managed to squeeze in a walk (mostly for the dog’s sake) and a 60 minute Yoga to the People podcast – by far my favorite free podcast out there. But, otherwise – I lazed. On the … Continue reading

Sweet Start, Sweeter Ending

Breakfast number one – Christmas cookie Breakfast number two – Muesli and banana Breakfast number three (or we could call this lunch) – Omelet 2 egg whites 1 whole egg ¼ avocado, sliced 1 spoonful of hummus Salsa Alongside a cup of coffee and my new cookbook Insert: 20 minutes of yoga Two o’clock snack … Continue reading

Again, please.

I wish I could have this type of day every day. It may lose its appeal after some time, but it was just right for today. Breakfast was so leisurely, it felt indulgent. Good thing I’m still on vacation. I used my new stovetop espresso maker to create a semi-latte. And what I mean by … Continue reading

Cookies and Friends

The cookie party was a success! Here are my girls… (I’m the one in the white/blue stripes on the left) I have known these girls my whole life – they’re like family. It was so good to see them all. After a fair amount of hugs, laughter, and dinner, we went crazy with frosting and … Continue reading

Return to Normalcy

I’m so happy to have another week off! The glamorous side of teaching, I guess. Breakfast was leisurely…a bowl of veggie scrambled eggs. And some really good coffee from Meeker’s amazing Christmas gift… A single cup coffee maker! His parents gave this to him as a Christmas present, and by default, I also got a … Continue reading

El Segundo Navidad

I had another Christmas today…another beautiful thing about being married is getting to share in another family’s traditions as well as your own! Win, win. My family’s food tradition for Christmas something we have dubbed Mexican-Pile-On. Fairly self-explanatory. We set out large bowls of everything Tex-Mex (chips, beans, meat, salsa, cheese, guac, rice) and everyone … Continue reading

Toes in the water, toes in the snow

Hello!! I have missed you all during the last week – everything has been a whirlwind, but I am happy to be back, lying in my own bed, watching the snow fall. My trip to Mexico was fantastic (how could it not be?) and can be summed up with four things. Laying on the beach … Continue reading

Move Over

Move over oats in a jar… Veggies in an (almost) empty peanut butter jar. I didn’t really have the broccoli with the pb, I just tucked a few florets in there because it looked pretty. Then I pulled them out and ate them before stirring and mashing the carrots and sweet potatoes to ensure the … Continue reading


In twenty-four hours, I will be at the airport, about to board a plane for Mexico. I am giddy with excitement. I woke up with some yoga this morning, and I’m about to head off to work to do some organizing and socializing. I know I will be presented with cakes, cookies, pastries in the … Continue reading


Christmas Vacation has begun. One (of the million) nice things about teaching elementary school is the spirit that surrounds holidays. Today was Christmas all day long – and I really tried my best to relinquish all the control I wanted to have, and just enjoy the laughter and chaos. I mostly succeeded – but it … Continue reading