Posted in August 2009

Nothing wrong with toast

After an invigorating bike ride this morning, I was craving yogurt. But I know my metabolism, and yogurt doesn’t usually cut it until lunch time, so I added some fun things. About a cup of plain yogurt 1 handful (about 5) grapes – cut in half 1 scoop chocolate protein powder 2 tbs. Nature’s Path … Continue reading


All. Grading. Finished. I can’t believe it. Definitely an all day affair. I took a few breaks to (1) eat, obviously. (2) take Punky to the park. Even amidst the clouds – it was a good outing. A mere 45 minutes after my extraordinary oatmeal, I was hungry again. I went for the leftover sandwich … Continue reading


Woke up this morning to clouds and fog. At first I was kind of excited, since there is no running on Sundays, I could just curl up on the couch with some coffee and enjoy it. But, then the coffee went berserk, and I was cold, and the house was a mess and I felt … Continue reading


So, if you follow my blog, you have heard me mention the grocery store Sprouts that I am in L-O-V-E with. Well, tonight Meeker and I went there to get some goodies for dinner – and our experience was so out of this world that I decided to do a whole post on how much … Continue reading

From one extreme…

First, I have to highlight Meeker’s post-run breakfast. Apparently this is what helps him recover: Pile ‘o bacon, spicy hash browns and eggs. Whatever works, I guess. It made me feel sleepy and heavy just watching him eat. No problem for this guy. I was not hungry after my chai high smoothie, so I jumped in … Continue reading

Saturdays are for moving

This was the best, best, best pre-run snack ever. A piece of multigrain toast with butter, and 2 slices of pear sprinkled with cinnamon. Geez it was good. The pears got all smooshy – almost like jelly on the toast. One thing I love about living in Colorado is the way that Saturday mornings seemed … Continue reading

Famished Friday

I was pretty much hungry all day. My breakfast was carb heavy, so I attempted to balance it out with my lunch: Greens, red pepper, corn cut off the cob, cucumber and a Boca burger. I LOVE this salad! It is a major repeat, but it never disappoints. Plus, it takes about 2 minutes to … Continue reading

still hungry!

I think I forgot what training for races does to my appetite. I am hungry constantly. I try to eat foods that will keep me full for a while – but nothing seems to satiate for long. With that being said, I didn’t try very hard for those “fill up” foods this morning – I … Continue reading

Arroz con pollo sin una camara

I forgot my camera at work. I was photographing an adorable, fuzzy kiwi when I set it down on my desk – and left it there all day (and night L). But, luckily, Meeker let me use his iphone. Speaking of Meeker, he suggested “Spanish rice” with the chicken that we planned to grill. I … Continue reading

Already Thursday

I can’t believe it is already Thursday – this week has flown by! This morning, I have to go into work early because I actually have a conference before school, and then about 12 after school. So, I will be brief. A repeat breakfast – but a good one. Something to get me “down the … Continue reading